Friday, November 21, 2008

Eharmony forced to accept same-sex couples searches

I just had top share - a lawsuit was filed against Eharmony because they don't allow same sex couples in the system - they aren't very friendly to atheists either , even some of my friends have said that answering not interested in the "religious community" question can get you declined. So, it is sort of a win against the completely religious based background from the founder to discriminate (although he says it is because he doesn't know anything about gay and lesbian relations ships - I guess if your gay and like to take risks, love cats, the outdoors, romantic walks, cooking, hate dishonesty etc.... the computer program would need to adjust for you sexuality to find compatible personalities, which I think is a load of it).

But they still won't put it on the actual Eharmony site - they are gonna make a new one. Nice of them.

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