Sunday, November 23, 2008

A litle quiz for you

Found this over at Stranger Fruit and thought you might enjoy.

"According to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute "Americans fail a basic test on their history and institutions" with an average score of 49% (college educators apparently score 55%, and office-holders 44%)."

I scored 28 out of 33 correctly — 84.85 % but feel like I failed - John M. Lynch at Stranger Fruit scored one better and attributed his score to not being a product of the American school system so I don't have any excuses; guess I'm just crappy at US gov quizzes HAA.

What did you score?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eharmony forced to accept same-sex couples searches

I just had top share - a lawsuit was filed against Eharmony because they don't allow same sex couples in the system - they aren't very friendly to atheists either , even some of my friends have said that answering not interested in the "religious community" question can get you declined. So, it is sort of a win against the completely religious based background from the founder to discriminate (although he says it is because he doesn't know anything about gay and lesbian relations ships - I guess if your gay and like to take risks, love cats, the outdoors, romantic walks, cooking, hate dishonesty etc.... the computer program would need to adjust for you sexuality to find compatible personalities, which I think is a load of it).

But they still won't put it on the actual Eharmony site - they are gonna make a new one. Nice of them.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Parasites are great

I found these over at Greg Laden's Blog and had to share:

horse hair worm!!!!

Snails, Birds and Worms - gotta love m

Friday, November 14, 2008

Catholic Preists Declares voting for O'bama a mortal sin

This is pathetic and I hope that the church admonishes him publicly. A Catholic priest in South Carolina has decided that the democratic act of casting a vote is, in some cases, a mortal sin!
Voting for a pro-abortion politician should be a basis for denying such people communion is pathetic. Mortal sin???voting is up there with actual beheading of another human being for example - come on people - at least someone in my family should comment on this!!! I will post if I hear anything from the church on this officially.

UPDATE 11/18: apparently he has now said church teaching doesn't allow him to refuse holy communion to anyone based on political choices, but that he'll continue to deliver the church's strong teaching on the "intrinsic and grave evil of abortion" as a hidden form of murder.

Bird Mourning?

I originally read this over at Living the Scientific Life by GrrlScientist but it is a very good commentary on some amazing pictures of two swallows. One was fatally injured but the mate remained at its side and tried to help the fallen bird. My favorite line from GrrlScientist is "I am not one to anthropomorphize animals since I am completely unconvinced that most people are capable of experiencing deep or complex emotions" (bold mine). It makes you wonder about animal emotions and what they experience. They probably don't anticipate death but does that mean their pain is less? The picture series is definitely worth looking at it as is the blogger comments below th pics.

First snapshot of multi-planet solar system

I saw this story yesterday and thought it was really cool so I figured I would share it here. For the first time astronomers have an actual snapshot of a multi-planet solar system using infrared and it comes from the Gemini Observatory. If you click on the title of this blog - it will take you to the article and the picture.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well for anyone out there, not much news on the homefront to report; been busy filling out grant applications begging for money for the last few weeks and am now filling out permit applications for next year (to work with birds in Canada). It has been chilly off and one here getting down to freezing but this week has been a little warmer and it hasn't been anywhere near as cold as it was when I forst visited. When the wind blows though that wind chill factor packs a punch and that wind sometimes feels like it's straight "off the pole". Haven't had anyone actually comment or send me an email regarding ANY of these posts so I don't think anyone reads this, which means I am just talking to myself but that's ok I talk to myself all the time so why should this be different... I have a few articles and science stuff I am planning on writing about soon and maybe I will actually gt a comment or two...we'll see. Back to work.

Prop 8

This is worth watching and I hope everyone will at least take 7 minutes out of your day to watch, listen and think about why you voted the way you did

Friday, November 7, 2008

I am a celebrity!!!

It's official, moving to Canada was good for my popularity and my place in history! To think, I worked on so many projects that were politically important, regarded endangered species, involved significant habitat restoration, multiple FEMA disasters etc. all of which involved public opinion and numerous local and state agencies and NO ONE ever asked me for an interview. Low and behold all it took was moving to Canada before one of the most important and historical presidential elections for someone to ask me for my opinion! Check it out if you are bored here at the Lethbridge Herald.

Also stay tuned - I had another interview with the same person for a more detailed profile piece and will let you know.