Friday, July 11, 2008

July 10

Well, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and give a status update. I just spent my first week in Lethbridge; pretty, had some neat thunderstorms, rained a bit, sunny most of the time and I found a place to live which is always good. I will be heading to Montana tomorrow for a few weeks and plan on seeing Glacier N.P. and Yellowstone N.P. which I am looking forward to. I posted a bunch of pictures from Alaska and hope you enjoy them (I already got one comment that all my shots are of scenery which I guess is a bad thing so I will try and get some "action" shots this time - haa). I am hoping to head down to California in mid August, visit people, and pick up my stuff in storage on the way back; have to get rid of some of it though since my place is a little smaller here so Kristiaan I hope I can use your yard to sell some. That is it for now and when I actually get back to Lethbridge and get settled I plan on writing much better posts, and some actual informative ones, for the few people reading this.