Monday, January 11, 2010

Sexiest Female Atheists

I found this over at Common Sense Atheism and had to share (now I like Natalie Portman and Jennifer Love-Hewitt even more!

This is directly from the site:

"Of course, there are probably hundreds of sexy actresses, models, and porn stars who just aren’t known as atheists, but here’s a list of the sexiest female confirmed atheists. (Here, I’m taking ‘atheist’ to mean “doesn’t believe in a personal god”, which would include many agnostics and Buddhists.)

atheist miranda kerr

atheist rose byrneatheist jennifer love hewitt

atheist adrianne curryatheist monica bellucciatheist diane farratheist natalie portmanatheist eva greenatheist jarah marianoatheist bree olsonatheist asia carreraatheist carrie fisheratheist asia argentoatheist arian mayeratheist angelina jolieatheist kaylee carver

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