Sunday, November 8, 2009

I little cartoon 4 u -donate your organs!

A little summary of what I am up to for my family and friends: my comprehensive exams officially last thursday so I have 4 weeks to come up with a long essay and prepare to answer a few questions. I also have a couple grants due and a 45 min presentation to give this Thursday at the local Lethbridge Naturalists Society on my research which should be fun. I have also been practicing the ol' geetar and hoping to play at the local open-mic night in the next couple weeks (since JG et al. are still hosting)... we shall see.

I found this the other day at one of my favorite comic sites (thanks for the link deponius) and this one goes out to Bri and Red. For those of you that do not have your organ donation set up yet, please think about it and answer "why the hell not".

After I posted this, I saw that Hemant posted something similar at your Friendly Atheist, and he also pointed out that this is why most atheists don't fear death since we know we can make a difference even after we die" which I agree with. I am an organ donor - are you?

He also says something I completely agree with, as well:
"I think it’s selfish not to do that (or to donate your body to science). It’s not like we need our body after we’re gone."

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