Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yeah yeah politics again - what else right now

Well I could bore you with what looking at lots of GCATTAGCATAGACCAG sequences is like but figured this was more inflammatory.

Alright, so I can understand why some of my more conservative friends and family MIGHT like McCain because a year ago or so I didn't think he was that horrible (although I still didn't like him much - but he was better than most of the other republicans in the primaries). BUT, I cannot understand why anyone would not be absolutely mortified to have Palin in the White House. This interview has a couple key points that I have fundamental issues with, especially: Palin trying to ban books in Alaska and threatening to fire the librarian who disobeyed: believing we are in the "End of Times" (why would she ever worry about social security or the environment for example if the end is so near): declaring the war in Iraq is god's mission (her words - see the video): outright saying that her job of putting a pipeline in through Alaska was god's will (her words - see the video): and appointing an elder from her church to state rep who has been primarily trying to get intelligent design into school science classrooms (this has been tried and failed because intelligent design is creationism but they keep trying to put it into science class - although Palin has specifically stated she wants creationism taught alongside evolution in science class as well so she is consistent - and don't even get me started on teach the controversy - there is no controversy when 97% of the experts in relevant fields agree and the only ones that don't are at religious institutions and if you're interested go here or here for a brief summary on evolution and arguments): the Palin appointed state rep also wants to make late term abortions a felony (I don't like late term abortions unless there is a real risk to the mother but Palin is against them even in cases of rape or incest which means the bill probably won't address that either). This is not just someone's opinion but actual footage of her saying some of these things ( I noted which ones). Additionally, Palin refuses to b interviewed concerning whether she believes in legislating based on the bible and/or what she thinks is the will of god - her autobiography spends a few pages on this but she won't explain it....the answer is.......

How can anyone want a person in the white house as leader, who will think everything he/she does is the will of allah, sorry buhda, sorry Aten, sorry Baha'is, sorry Vishnu - sorry god? You have to ask yourself whether it matters to you which one of those I use to finish that sentence and if you answer differently for each, that should at least give you something to think about - why should everyone have to obey the will of your god and how does she (Palin) get the special news feeds on god's will! Is there a godnet in Alaska we don't know about? Maybe that was the pipeline she was referring to.

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