Monday, May 5, 2008

Sailing #2

Well, I am back from sailing with Rusty et al., again and have some new pictures that are posted here and am now getting ready to head north to Canada for my field work.

The sailing trip was fantastic and no major issues this time. I flew down to Panama on April 7 and then took a small commuter flight on the 8th to Bocas del Toro where the guys were. Bocas del Toro is a great little town where lots of backpackers hang out while traveling through central america, and ereyone said they loved Bocas and I would too: I was there about 48 hours!!

We headed out of Bocas and started north across the Caribbean heading to a small island east of Nicuragua called Cayo Albequerque. The island is beautiful and actually composed of two small islands (about 300 yards wide) that are an atoll, with the reef extending miles out. There is a small contingent of Columbian military (island is part of Columbia) and the soldiers spend a month or two on the island and then transfer out to other islands. There was some weather heading our way and we planned on laying up at the island for a couple days which turned into about 9 I think. At some point with the food running a little low, and we had many discussions about the stages of starvation (we had food just 4 guys eat a lot and we were running out of the main stuff we wanted to eat, and were a little low on rice and beans but Jessey - the killer - kept us pretty well stocked on fish). During the stages conversations at some point Jessy asked "What stage of starvation do you drink your piss" which we though was pretty much the funniest thing we heard in a while and we decided it was about Stage 3.....which we never reached thankfully - HAA.

more of this troy to follow - check back

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